mr and mrs obx beach bum

Hi, I’m Roy Edlund, the legendary OBX Beach Bum, and along with my wife Sandie, we’d like to welcome you to OBX Escape, A Beach Bum Magazine.


Our vision for OBXEscape Magazine is for it to be a visual smorgasbord, filled to overflowing with my mostly good beach photography, breathtaking video, and interlaced with a smattering of flowery words, creatively crafted by yours truly.

All with the single goal of magically transporting you from the comfort of your home to the beaches of the Outer Banks when you can’t be there in person. A virtual vacation. 

When we first moved to the Outer Banks, I had no idea what I was going to do, but I was filled with a peace that gave me the courage to explore what was possible. 

That first year, I spent nearly every day working through some personal things by walking on the beaches and shooting anything and everything that caught my attention (over 97,000 images).

I must admit that I struggled to find my footing on these shifting sands, but I was overcome by the sense that I had finally found the place where I actually belonged and things would work out. After a short while, I found myself being regenerated into the man I always imagined I would be.  

I’ve discovered that the more I share my fascination and love for the Outer Banks, the smoother my path becomes.

And that’s what brought us here to OBX Escape Magazine.

So, what’s our plan?

OBX Escape magazine will be published online with 8 issues per year for a subscription price of $25/year.

Publishing eight issues a year: Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May, June, July, August, Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec. with the possibility for special editions, such as, an end of the year recap edition in print or summer surf contests.

Our premier issue is coming soon, looks like June hopefully, but it will definitely launch during summer of 2020.

So, that’s about it, but let me say we’re so very thankful to be living here on the Outer Banks, doing what we love and being able to share that experience with you through this magazine and online.

Escape to the Outer Banks for a few minutes each day, you’ll feel better… We promise.

                -Roy & Sandie Edlund