About OBXEscape

About OBXEscape


elcome to OBX Escape magazine.

Roy Edlund here, the legendary OBX Beach Bum.
While I may be the head guy at OBXEscape, I’ll be honest, I have a lot of help and couldn’t do any of it without your support and encouragement.
My vision for our OBXEscape magazine is for it to be a visual smorgasbord. It will include more photos and information than has been practical to share on social media.
A kind of virtual teleportation device to transport you to the beaches of the Outer Banks via my Mostly Good Beach Photography, along with some fanciful writing and captivating videos.
To start with, the magazine will be published online with 8 issues per year. We’re seriously considering print editions as well. (Still looking for printing vendors for short runs.)
The premier issue is on schedule for the first week in July 2018.
The yearly publishing schedule is Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May, June, July, August, Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec. with the possibility for special editions as we see fit. We’ll see how things pan out.
The idea for this magazine actually came about as I was searching for an alternative way for my fb followers on social media to see my photos without interference.
And to offer an affordable way to support our efforts.


When we first moved to the Outer Banks, I was overcome by the sense that I was finally where I belonged.
And even though I had no idea what I was going to do, I was filled with a peace I had never experienced before.
It gave me the courage to explore what was possible and it was exactly what I needed at the time.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve struggled to find my place on these shifting sands, and I guess I still am.
Back then, I had an idea for a website where people could visit and relax on the beach for a few minutes each day through my photos and videos.
That’s what our OBXEscape Magazine is all about.
Escape to the Outer Banks for a few minutes each day, you’ll feel better.
We promise. -Roy & Sandie Edlund